Travelling to Pilion

If you have arrived in Athens or Thessaloniki by air, you can take a bus to Volos. KTEL is the bus company for long-distance travelling in Greece. Every day there are various buses from Athens and Thessaloniki to Volos. Buses from Volos into Pilion can be found at www.ktelvolou.gr. You can also rent a car in Athens or Thessaloniki and drive to Pilion.  

We prefer to travel to Greece by car, through Italy. From Ancona we take the ferry boat. Minoan Lines (www.minoan.gr) and Anek Lines (www.anek.gr) are companies with whom you can make this crossing.

Places to stay

There are a lot of hotels and apartements on Pilion, especially in the villages at the coast. We mention a few here because we have such good experiences with them ourselves. In Afissos we enjoyed staying in Apartments Rena www.apartments-rena.gr/index.html. A nice place to stay in Chorto is www.hortoview.com. And in Platania friends of ours rent out their Olive Store Cottage www.holidaylettings.co.uk/rentals/pelion-magnesia/347420

 Information about Pilion

www.peliontravel.com, www.aroundpelion.com and www.gotopilion.com provide a lot of information about accomodation, transport and other practical tips.

www.kalanera.info is a portal with a lot of information about Kala Nera. www.milina.info does the same for Milina.

www.lostunicorn.com is the website of a hotel in Tsagarada. The owners have made a map with walks in the area which they sell for 5 euros.

www.damouchari.info provides information about the village Damouchari and its surroundings. Through this website you can order a book about flowers and herbs in Pelion. The book also provides 12 hiking descriptions.



Anavasi maps and the Cdrom for walkers with a GPS can be ordered at www.anavasi.gr/en.

For German translations www.linguardor.com

www.ecotourism-greece.com is a website that promotes eco-friendly tourism, emphasizing on ecology, environment, sustainability, traditions and the heritage of Greece.